Ever had difficulty clamping an upright 'rib', flat, round, angle or even a section of plate in place for welding? Looking for improved productivity, quality and dimensional accuracy?

Using compressed air the innovative Vacuum Clamp provides 220 kgs of holding force (suction) allowing the operator to apply the necessary pressure on the screw clamp in applying force to your material.

The Vacuum Clamp can be used on all material types including stainless steel, aluminium, and all commercial material grades. It weighs only 5.5 kgs, and can be quickly moved along the material surface by either pressing the vacuum release trigger, or closing the attached air flow fitting. Undoubtedly the fastest, easiest method in clamping your material.

·Height / Width Adjustment with quick release handle. Swivel adjust angle of vacuum pad for angular welding operations even around corners.

·Vacuum release trigger

·Total weight only 5.50 kgs 220kgs of holding power

·Screw Clamp – Acme Thread for added strength



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