Company Profile

Drillmate Pty Ltd was founded in 1989 by Noel Rankin.

The Drillmate Portable Drill Press was evolved due to the requirement of its sister company to drill in excess of 3000 holes per week in truck chassis for vehicle modification. Drillmate provided increased hole production, increased power drill and drill bit life, plus a safer working environment.

In 1989, Drillmate Pty Ltd received the Australian Design Award and in 1990, the Occupational Health and Safety Award.

Vac-Pad was a further innovation which allowed for drilling of a variety of materials, sheet metals, concrete, marble etc. using Drillmate. Vac-Pad was further developed to accept magnetic-based drilling machines, for drilling non-ferrous materials.

The C.S.A. (Curved Surface Adaptor) was introduced to allow Vac-Pad to be attached to curved surfaces down to 75mm radius and has been widely accepted by industry.

Vac-Force 2000 is the latest in innovation providing a lightweight (4.5kg) drilling machine which will attach to most materials and drill holes up to 32mm in steel plate and 63mm diameter in stainless steel and mild steel sheet to 5mm thickness.

Pipe-Vac 2000 is a curved surface adaptor which will allow Vac-Force to clamp to surfaces down to 25mm radius for Plumbing, Aerospace, and Petrochemical industries.
Accessories for the above units include a Lubricator for Vac-Force 2000;
a Vacuum Switch for use of electric drills with Vac-Force 2000 whilst maintaining the in-built safety features; Arbours for various broach cutters to be used in either Drillmate or Vac-Force 2000.