Portable Drill Press

The lightweight portable drill press. Weighing just 1.6kg (3lbs). Drillmate adds little weight to your Portable Power Drill with Electric or Air Kit options, but gives you the power to do the job Ergonomically, Safely and Productively.

Drillmate with its 14:1 force ratio ensures the correct feed force is applied to the drill bit/cutter being used. With your correct selection of power drill speed to suit material and drill bit/cutter size, holes will be produced with reduced operator effort, increased operator safety and efficiency.

See Details Below for your specific Kit# Needs.




The World’s only portable drill press with Battery Drill Attachment. Drillmate puts you in control and ensures that even pressure is correctly applied to the cutting edge of the drill or broach cutter. That saves you valuable time and extends cutter life by up to 80% Available in various kits.

Ordering: Select the the Following Portable Drill Press Kit for your specific use :-
Kit #1 Battery Drill with Chuck Spindle Adapter Suits 1mm-13mm Twist Drills plus Holesaws etc.
Kit #2 Battery Drill to suit Mini Cutters from 8mm to 25.5mm Dia. 16mm DOC.
Kit #3 Battery Drill Arbour with 19mm Waldon Shank Broach Cutters 25mm DOC.
Kit #4 Electric Drill with Chuck Spindle Adapter Suits 1mm-13mm Twist Drills plus Holesaws etc.
Kit #5 Air Drill Mounting Adaptor with 2 ā€˜Uā€™ bolts around planet housing.
#Special Order Only – Drillmate Custom Longer Travel Option
(between the chuck or arbour spindles and the bottom of the Drillmate foot)
Drillmate Portable Drill press, with 300mm of travel will accept a battery drill with
Torque Arm # 2 for a standard electric drill. This unit allows for drilling large RHS,
(250mm+) or large tubing, light poles etc. The unit can be converted back to a normal
Drillmate by removing a 4mm screw at the top of the Drillmate leg, wind the carriage off,
turn up to standard configuration, wind down and re-insert 4mm screw and washer to stop
carriage being wound off. This allows you to drill flat material, small pipes etc.

* Note drill bits are not included, Kits do not include battery or Air drills.

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Drillmate Portable Drill Press Demonstation Video.




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