Drillmate products

  • The lightweight portable drill press. Weighing just 1.6kg (3lbs). Drillmate adds little weight to your Portable Power Drill with Electric or Air Kit options, but gives you the power to do the job Ergonomically, Safely and Productively. Drillmate with its 14:1 force ratio ensures the correct feed force is applied to the drill bit/cutter being used. With your correct selection of power drill speed to suit material and drill bit/cutter size, holes will be produced with reduced operator effort, increased operator safety and efficiency. See Details Below for your specific Kit# Needs.  
  • Vac-Force 2000 is a lightweight portable hole cutting machine. This unit consists of a vacuum base to clamp to the surface of the material and an air feed cylinder to push the cutter through without any effort by the operator. It also incorporates a safety valve which will not allow air to be supplied to the drill motor unless it is locked to the surface. Vac-Force 2000 Due to the design, the surface to which the unit will adhere to the surface (does not have to be smooth and flat). Certain surface imperfections causing vacuum losses are tolerated (eg. aluminium tread-plate), due to constant vacuum generation. LIGHTWEIGHT Weighing only approximately 4.5kg the VAC-FORCE 2000 has instant advantages over magnetic based drills which weigh 13.0kg plus and are restricted to ferrous materials. Its lightweight construction enhances its portability, saving time in relocating when cutting multiple holes. Safety cables are not required when operating at heights. The hovercraft effect when the release button is pressed makes centre pop location easy.
  • Drillmate Vac-Pad is designed for industrial scale hole drilling. This unit consists of a vacuum base to clamp to the surface of the material. The Vac-Pad has three different options (see below).
  • DM100A  is a Portable Drill Press designed for pneumatic air drills. Drillmate Pty Ltd is heavily committed to research and development to ensure that the products developed take the “hole making” of the future to its ultimate. Taking into account the changes in attitude to the working environment and the changes of materials required to be drilled. Ergonomic, Safety and Productivity (E.S.P.) has always been paramount in the design of products. This is highlighted in the list of products currently developed and manufactured. Most of which have attracted international markets.
  • 45 degree Block - tilts worktable to 45 degrees for drilling of mitre joints.
  • Worktable - gives greater area to support work piece and works in conjunction with the 45 Degree block
  • Features: Premium quality extruded aluminium planks of 225mm W x 50mm D with four (4) internal support channels / riveted end-caps with drainage points / hi-viz yellow side banding / ribbed, non-skid surface / rubber non-skid inserts on underside / meets or exceeds AS1577-1993.


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